About Parallel Planes

Posted by Simon February 11, 2019 in Information
Imagination is a vast expanse of parallel universes on the outskirts of reality. This landscape is a crucible, where dreams and thoughts become actuality. Parallel Planes takes these ideas, nourishes them, and transforms them into legitimate and thriving businesses.

Parallel Planes is a bespoke accelerator and publishing house that provides a full suite of marketing, strategy, and development services to upstart entrepreneurs and developers.

Many app and game developers exhibit incredible vision and technical ability, but they may not possess the resources to scale their businesses successfully during the early stages. This juncture is where Parallel Planes steps in. Here, we have handcrafted and tailored our business structure to serve and assist these types of fledgling ventures by focusing on scalability and growth.


On the surface, Parallel Planes pushes the boundaries of innovation to create outstanding products that deliver community engagement, global connectivity, and user satisfaction.

On a deeper and more profound level, we strive to advance personal sovereignty, economic equality, and social equity by building community-centric platforms that offer transparency, opportunity, and self-governance to all who use them.


We provide development support, infrastructure, and documentation to help your business build games and apps for the masses effectively and efficiently.

Whether you’re an experienced developer wanting access to an existing code base or an entrepreneur looking to expand your development team, we provide the resources and connections necessary to expedite your progress.


The most formidable challenge tech companies encounter when building and scaling their businesses is the inability to ensure that they acquire adequate funding and maintain that revenue throughout the project to fuel sustainable growth.

Parallel Planes provides strategic consultancy, as well as tangible funding and monetization tactics, that establishes foundations for future prosperity.


Successful and sustainable businesses routinely reach out to new users and keep their customers engaged with the brand and its products.

Parallel Planes implements repeatable PR, content creation, and social media marketing strategies that enable tech startups to find and attract long-term users.

Email us at team(at)parallelplanes.io to boost your business launch today.