Powered by Enjin, Running on Ethereum

Posted by Simon June 20, 2019 in Announcement
“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

Ethereum is arguably the most decentralized blockchain in the world with thousands of nodes. Once blockchain assets enter Ethereum, the resource proprietors retain ownership of those funds forever. They may then trade those assets freely or use them in any app or game supporting this type of blockchain structure. This central dynamic is potentially revolutionary for the advancement of real-world value in the virtual realm.

Based on the Ethereum network, the Enjin ecosystem is the most impressive and influential set of blockchain development tools in the world.

Enjin includes:

  • A robust suite of smart contracts on Ethereum. (Enjin Smart Contracts)
  • An advanced token standard. (ERC-1155)
  • A powerful server infinitely interweaved with Ethereum. (Enjin Cloud)
  • A custom-built API that allows developers to speak to Ethereum through the server in over 26 popular coding languages. (Platform API)
  • The only SDK to enable minting, managing, and integrating of blockchain assets into games. (Unity SDK)
  • The only SDK to allow minting, managing, and integrating of blockchain assets in Java. (Java SDK)
  • The easiest way to incorporate blockchain assets into Minecraft. (The Minecraft Plugin)
  • A straightforward and user-friendly blockchain explorer. (EnjinX)
  • An unrivaled feature-packed crypto wallet. (Enjin Wallet)

In addition to all these outstanding features, Enjin is set to release more APIs, more SDKs, a marketplace, and an Ethereum scaling solution that will offer free and immediate transactions, removing the cost and lag currently experienced when using the Ethereum blockchain. Enjin is a development powerhouse that enables game and app developers to leapfrog all other economy and market-based applications.

At Parallel Planes, we understand the true marketing and monetization potential of blockchain assets, and we offer our partners a clear way forward within this new space.

There is a tremendous opportunity for early movers to gain a competitive edge by offering their users the most compelling, value-driven experiences possible. However, that opportunity comes with challenges. These pioneers don’t have the luxury of learning from other people’s mistakes; instead, they must become the case studies that future projects will either replicate or avoid.

The staff at Parallel Planes have worked alongside more than 20 blockchain developers, helped them to raise over $800,000 in pre-launch crowdfunding, and built enduring communities that remain loyal and engaged with the games we have served. While some companies only imagine theoretical possibilities within the blockchain space, we recognize the tangible opportunities before us, and unlike other groups, we know how to make the most of them.

If you have a new or existing community-driven project, benefit from a real-world blockchain-based market or economy.

Email us immediately at team(at)parallelplanes.io